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Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4

Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4
Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4
Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4
Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4

Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4
Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4. A Premium, Fully-Mounted Bow with Ebony Frog: The bow is naturally one of the most important parts of any bowed instrument setup, and the particular bow supplied with the Veracini Violin has been upgraded to a'Fully-Mounted', high -quality Brazilwood model.

The term'Fully-Mounted', refers to an upgraded and more intricate join between the'frog' and the'stick'. There is a smooth metal plate between the frog and the bow stick, allowing a smooth fit and protection for the wood as it slides back and forth as the bow is tightened and loosened. A Unique Antiqued Look: Everyone loves an old, antique violin, viola or cello, and so using clever techniques developed over many years, the Hidersine Veracini is finished with various'antique' markers.

Each instrument is uniquely treated to replicate the appearance of a much-loved and often-played example, with pitting of the body and wear-marks evident across the body. Seasoned Maple: Hidersine Veracini instruments use seasoned maple for the bridges of each violin, viola or cello.

The use of'seasoned' tonewoods in musical instrument manufacture is well known. When a tonewood, such as maple, has been seasoned, it infers that the timber has been stored in a controlled environment for a reasonable period. The exact time can vary, but instrument luthiers will pay a premium for wood that has seasoned for 5, 10, 20 or more years. When wood is initially harvested, it has a high moisture content, which over time will dissipate. This lowering of moisture content is one of the most important parts of the seasoning process, and as the wood is formed into its new (bridge) shape, it brings with it a new natural state for the material.

One in which the wood fibres settle into a more coherent whole and will transmit vibration and resonance more effectively. Therefore, the string vibrations are carried through the bridge to the sound-table more authentically, which will result in further improvement of the tone of your violin, viola or cello.

Ready to Play with everything you need: Your new Hidersine instrument will have already been inspected and setup'ready to play'in our UK service workshops. Your Hidersine Veracini violin or cello is supplied as an outfit, which is to say it is complete with what you need to get started. The Violin is supplied in an oblong, shockproof case with internal accessory compartments and an outer music pocket. Most importantly, your Veracini outfit includes an upgraded, premium Fully-Mounted brazilwood bow. Just tighten the hair, apply a little Hidersine rosin, and the bow is ready to play as you will be too. Looks and sounds more beautiful throughout its life: Hidersine Veracini instruments feature a hand-carved solid spruce top - or sound-table. This is important because your instrument's primary voice is formed by this sound-table, and therefore the top can resonate as a single, coherent structure and sound great as a result.

Plus, as the wood ages and the solid tonewood top gradually relaxes at a cellular level into its natural rest state, it will resonate even more naturally, and the sound will improve further. Hidersine Veracini Violins and Cellos not only have solid tops, but they also have beautiful solid, flamed Maple ribs and backs too. These highly figured, solid tonewood sections further enhance the instrument's natural tone. The top produces the instrument's primary voice, and the back and sides add the character.

The term'Flamed' refers to the figuring of the Maple grain, which looks like flames striking across the wood. Maple with a natural'flame' is highly prized, with the most intricate and stunning natural grain patterns demanding very high prices throughout the world of musical instruments. Each instrument created by skilled hands: The form of your Hidersine Veracini violin or Cello will be the result of genuine hand-carving techniques. Not only have the intricate curves of the top, back and ribs been carefully tooled, but the neck and the beautiful scroll (head) has been skilfully crafted.

Although most musical instruments have a fair amount of human input in their building process, unsurprisingly instruments created for the entry-level tend to have much higher levels of machine-made elements. While this makes the process efficient, it can take away from the individual'soul' of each instrument. Each mark from the luthier's carving tools are there for a specific reason. The amount of time taken to carve the arched tops and back of a violin is integral to their structure - lightness and strength - and the resulting tone. Luthiers have been passing their immense skill down the line for centuries, and in the case of Hidersine Veracini instruments, the skilled hand-carving techniques can be truly appreciated. Ebony - Feels great, Lasts a lifetime: Hidersine Veracini violins and cellos both benefit from a genuine Ebony fingerboard, pegs and chin rest. This prized hardwood has traditionally been used for hundreds of years due to its truly long-lasting properties. Unlike dark-stained or'ebonized' softwoods often used on inferior instruments, genuine Ebony will not mark, pit or wear out under lengthy playing periods. This is essential in areas such as the pegs, which are under a lot of tension from the strings. The shaft of each peg needs to be retain its integrity, and using Ebony is one of the best ways to ensure this.

Ebony should remain structurally sound for a very long time, and it will also feel smooth on the fingers and chin, helping make the playing experience more pleasant all round. Supplied with: Oblong Styrofoam Case with accessory compartment and music pocket Brazilwood, Fully-Mounted bow with Ebony Frog Hidersine Rosin Quick Spec: Hand-Carved, Solid Straight-grained Spruce top; Hand-Carved, Solid Flamed Maple Back, Ribs, Neck and Scroll; Ebony Fingerboard, Pegs, Tailpiece and Chin Rest; Antiqued Finish, Seasoned Maple Bridge; Ebony Tailpiece with Single string finetuner; Synthetic Core Strings. We aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours, (excluding UK bank holidays and weekends).

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  • MPN: 3194
  • barcode: 5036678039603
  • bow_material: Fully Mounted Octagonal Brazilwood
  • instrument_type: Violin
  • Size: 4/4
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • string_brand: H100
  • manufacturer: Hidersine
  • Brand: Hidersine
  • Set Includes: Case & Bow
  • Instrument: Violin
  • EAN: 5036678039603

Hidersine Violin Veracini Outfit 4/4